Research Synthesis Design Solution


02 Scenario

Late Sunday morning, Sharron and Milton's house

Ellie slept late this morning, and Sharron and Milton are feeling great. They got to sleep in for once, and just finished feeding Ellie and having their own Sunday brunch. Sunday is a family day, since Sharron often works late, and they are trying to decide what to do with the afternoon.

Milton reminds Sharron about the SmallWorld application she was talking about a few weeks ago and suggests they look there to get ideas. Sharron launches the application and sees the posts in the "My Community" feed.

She decides to spend a moment looking at the groups to see if there are any that strike a chord with her.

The one titled "Power Mom" with a picture of a stick-woman and a lightning bolt makes her giggle, so she clicks on it.

The description explains that it's for working mothers to share advice and coordinate events to make the most of the time they spend with their children. Amazed, Sharron calls Milton over to look at it and adds herself to the group.

The app returns her to the manage/add page so she can continue to add groups if she so chooses.

Milton asks her to pull up the map to see if there's somewhere new they can go. They see a number of markers on the map, and end up clicking on a playground in Schenley Park as a place they haven't yet been.

The number of positive reviews is reassuring, so they decide to check it out. They get directions to the playground from the application, and drive there.

Sure enough, there are a number of families there and lots of children. Sharron takes a video of Milton pushing Ellie in a kiddie-swing.

After taking the video, the app takes her to the sharing options. Sharron wants to email the video to her mother.

She enters her mother’s email and taps “Send”. The app automatically sends the email which contains a link to the video.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University