Research Synthesis Design Solution


03 Scenario

Six months later, Tuesday morning at UPMC Sports Medicine, South Side

Sharron is waiting outside Dr. Flanders office to interview him about some new techniques he has been practicing. She is early, so she decides to check into SmallWorld to see if there's anything interesting she can do with Ellie this weekend. Sharron is now a member of six groups through SmallWorld. She and Milton have also met several couples that they're friendly with, and they've set up play-dates with one couple, Doug and Bella, a few times.

Sharron is now a member of 6 groups and has met a number of couples she is friendly with through the app. She launches the app to see what EVENTS show up on her groups and friends list.

She looks at the events page, but nothing jumps out at her, so she skips down to the friends section and sees that Bella has posted a friends-only event, and is taking her son Ryan to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Saturday.

Ellie is 2 now, and has become very interested in animals (often pretending she is one!), so Sharron thinks this will be a great trip. She clicks to add the event to her phone's calendar.

Next, Sharron click's Bella's profile. She sends Bella a quite email through the application saying she's interested in going, and reminds herself to call Bella later in the week to see about carpooling.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University