Research Synthesis Design Solution


01 Focus Setting

Our research involved phone interviews with the parents of young children, and review of websites aimed at the same.

We asked parents how they found places to take their children. The most significant source of information were family and friends, but a great deal of advice also came from other parents who had young children. We determined that having access to a larger population would benefit parents looking for advice.

Parents also reported that having a child changed their social situation significantly. They reported being more likely to spend time with other parents, and generally spent less time with their single or childless friends. To accommodate that, we included a groups feature to allow the forging of new friendships and help parents meet other parents.

Key Findings:

  • Parents want to make the most of their family time
  • Parents are not sure where to take their kids
  • Parents would like to know about local groups and community events

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University