Gathering information about people

We wanted to gather in depth information about the experience of users in a physical space. Through these interviews we hoped to better understand why and how a user interacts with a space, in addition to how they feel about it.


We focused on the bus stop to interview people. At this location we asked questions about what the user was doing and their purpose there. Through these initial questions, we continued the conversation naturally and delved for more information.

Key Insights

Bus arrival time
Users brought up concerns about the timeliness of the busses and their exact time of arrival. Many users mentioned that while there are many schedules to follow, busses did not ahere to these.

Alternative routes
If unexpected circumstances do occur (bus lateness, unavailable, drives by) riders expressed their interest in finding alternate routes to their destination.

Bus Availability
Users would like to be notified of bus availability while waiting in order to prepare for the circumstance that the bus is full. In addition, when a bus drives by a stop without picking anyone up, the riders would like to be informed.

Rider visiblity
On occasion, busses do not see riders waiting at a stop. Rider expressed the need for a method to always be stopped for while waiting for a bus.