Speed Dating
Introducing users to potential ideas

Before going further in the development of our designs, we first discussed with users their interest level with our ideas. This information is vital to our process in that it gauges the perception of users of our system


With each of the following five design ideas, we have developed a storyboard and presented them to the potential users at the respective locations. We then asked the people about the needs that we came up with to validate that they actually do have the needs.

Arrival Time Notifier

Bus Information provided by Trash Pick-up

Socializing Game in Park

Ground Display

Alternative Bus Routes

Key Insights

Most of the people liked the four bus ideas but not the park idea, which was to aid people to interact with other people more. People said that they don't go to the park to meet and interact with new people. If they wanted to do that, they would go some place else where it is meant for them to socialize. People also did not like the trash bin idea where the trash bin gives bus information when the trash is thrown to the bin.

Following are the key insights we gained from what people liked

  • Want to know alternative routes to their destinations
  • Want to know when the buses will arrive
  • Want to know if the buses are full(unavailable)
  • Want to know the fastest way to get to their destinations
  • Want to make sure that the bus drivers see them